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Trees in the Hood™:
Tree Management Software

Trees in the Hood™ is a comprehensive tree management system developed in Microsoft Access. It can maintain an unlimited number of records and mainentennace history for street, park, golf course and campus trees. In addition, Trees in the Hood™ has the following features:

  1. 9th Edition of the ISA Tree Appraisal Formula – Most current formula for calculating the value of individual trees or the whole system.
  2. Mass updates of maintenance records – Allows updating of a large number of trees at one time to minimize data entry time.
  3. ISA Hazard Rating – Uses the national standard for assessing potential hazards.
  4. Integrated Activities – Replacements can automatically be scheduled when removals are completed.
  5. Complex Queries – The user can query and analyze on a combination of all collected data fields.
  6. Multi-user – Multiple users can access the system at any time.
  7. Trees in the Hood interfaces with GIS.
  8. PDA Interface - Allows for PDA data collection.

There is a broad range of approaches to getting the data collected.  Data collection can either be contracted out or in-house staff trained to conduct the inventory.  Each has positive and negative aspects associated with them.  Natural Path is available to discuss these options.

As a policy, Natural Path Urban Forestry Consultants is neutral on the software application a community chooses to use. Our main concern is that a community selects a system that best meets their needs. We provide management support on how to best use the system you have in place regardless of what application it is (commercial, shareware, or created inhouse). We supply technical assistance for communities implementing an inventory for the first time or communities that are looking to replace an existing inventory program.

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